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Aspen History: Back to School

Aspen Historical Society
One b/w photograph of Louise Berg, seated behind a school teacher's desk in a classroom.

“Aspen Schools get started despite teacher shortage,” noted The Aspen Times on Sept. 9, 1943. “The Aspen Public Schools opened last Monday for ninety happy youngsters, most of whom gladly brought vacation time to a close and welcomed school again. School started with flag raising ceremonies in front of the building with all pupils reciting the pledge to the flag, and the singing of The Star Spangled Banner and America, The Beautiful, with the music being played by: Ray Anderson, Louis Oblock, and Glen Beck. Students then returned to their rooms and filled out enrollment cards, and arranged for textbooks and supplies, after which they were dismissed for the day. Pitkin County High School was less fortunate and were not able to open because of a lack of teachers. A critical teacher shortage exists throughout the country and more especially so in the smaller towns which have not been able to offer salaries sufficient to compete with numerous other positions open to teachers.” This image shows an Aspen teacher (Louise Berg) behind her desk in a classroom, circa 1940.