Aspen History: Aspen’s ‘First Auto’

Aspen Historical Society
One b/w glass-plate negative and a print of the first automobile in Aspen. The car is driving down Hyman Avenue, between Galena and Mill Streets. The car arrived in Aspen on August 4, 1906 around 5pm, according to the Aspen Democrat. It was driven by Ted Cooper and Tom Flynn. A large number of spectators turned out to see the car. It took three days to get to Aspen via Glenwood Springs (and canyon) from Denver. The car was a Buick. The Wheeler Opera House and the Aspen Block are prevalent.- Now we believe this is the second car not the first.
John Bowman

“Our first auto,” proclaimed the Aspen Democrat on Aug. 4, 1906. “A telegram was received in the city yesterday from Ted Cooper and Tom Flynn, announcing they had crossed the Continental Divide with their colors flying, the auto car making the ascent very easily. The boys will probably reach Aspen this morning and Aspen will then have an auto honk-honking through the streets. Be careful, boys, as our horses are not used to the honk-honk and the whir of an auto car, and not let the exhaust to work as the horses approach the car, as there will be all kinds of runaways until the horses get used to the ‘red devil.’ This is not intended as instruction or kicking, boys, but simply to put you next. Watch for the automobile today and then reach over and pat yourself on the back as Aspen is becoming metropolitanized.” This image shows spectators lining Hyman Avenue to see Ted Cooper and Tom Flynn driving their car through Aspen, Aug. 4, 1906. It took them three days to get to Aspen via Glenwood Springs from Denver.