Aspen Times Weekly: Spa Watch — Candle Oil Treatments |

Aspen Times Weekly: Spa Watch — Candle Oil Treatments


There is a new trend in spa offerings emerging this winter — the use of warm candle oil in massages. Combining essential oils, soft candlelight and warmth, massage candle oil treatments are perfect for those of us struggling with frigid winter temps.

Perhaps you’ve never seen or used a massage candle. Massage candles look like traditional candles, but are really just massage oil in solid form. The purpose is to provide a simple, aromatic and soothing way to heat the massage oil before using it on the body.

Here are a selection of candle oil massage treatments, coast to coast:

Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico

Rancho La Puerta, in Tecate, Mexico, is the original “fitness resort” and spa, welcoming some 140 guests each week to its 3,000 private acres of gardens, mountains and meadows in Baja California, Mexico. All facilities and land are for the exclusive use of guests who come for an entire week, Saturday to Saturday, or partial-week stays of three or four nights. It’s a unique escape for women and men offerings more than 80 fitness classes including TRX, yoga, Pilates and advanced hiking trails as well as spa treatments and therapeutic sessions. In addition to fitness and spa experiences, the Ranch offers daily lectures and workshops to inspire guests. Each week the Ranch has visiting guest speakers, talented performers and workshop leaders — authors, politicians, musicians, artists, doctors and other leaders in their fields — to present afternoon learning experiences and evening lectures.

Rancho La Puerta also offers the Head-to-Toe Candle Oil Massage. Using warm, scented oil from a just-extinguished massage oil candle, the spa therapist employs a gentle form of massage that involves long strokes from scalp to toes. Hot stones and a body wrap are also incorporated into the treatment, with a strong focus on warming, revitalizing movements and strokes for an ultimate sense of relaxation. (90-minute massage, $160)

The Modern Honolulu, Hawaii

The Spa at The Modern Honolulu has four treatment rooms, manicure/pedicure stations and a full range of luxurious spa services. Stone sinks, natural materials and a neutral palate throughout the spa create an elemental and peaceful environment. The Spa features products from the highly selective and ecologically sensitive Eminence line, which combines the latest cosmetic technology with natural ingredients. The Spa also features Ola Hawaii-bath, body and skin care — pure, natural and organic products made in Hawaii.

At The Modern, enjoy the Light My Fire Massage. The resort calls it “this season’s hottest massage,” using a massage candle that deeply penetrates and hydrates skin like never before. (50-minute massage, $150)

The Mayflower Grace Spa, Washington, Conn.

The Mayflower Grace Spa is offering a seasonal Chai Spice and Vanilla Winter Warmer treatment through March 31, using warm liquid wax from a massage candle.

A gently warming and stimulating blend of exotic spice oils and sweet, sultry vanilla, ginger, cardamom, black pepper and clove refreshes the mind, while the warmth they generate supports circulation and detoxification, and soothes muscle and joint discomfort. It’s a perfect way to shake off any seasonal sluggishness or to awaken and refresh the body in spring.

The session begins with some guided deep breaths as guests light a Winter Warmer massage candle and set an intention for the session. Breathing in a potent blend of essential oils of ginger, cardamom, clementine, bergamot, ylang-ylang, cinnamon bark, clove bud and black pepper, as guests settle into the cozy warmth of the massage table. The therapist then begins a luxuriously indulgent scrub blended from sugar, organic virgin coconut, vanilla, spices and jojoba oil. Guests will refresh with a quick shower and return to the massage table for a full body massage with the warm liquid wax from the candle to leave skin deeply nourished and conditioned. The remainder of the candle is the guests to take and enjoy in the peace of their own room, or to share with someone special.

(Available as a 60- or 90-minute session, or also as a couple’s session. $175 for 60 minutes, $265 for 90 minutes. Double the pricing for the couple’s session.)

Amiee White Beazley writes about travel for the Aspen Times Weekly. Reach her at or follow her @awbeazley1.