Aspen Times weekly: Marble-Rita |

Aspen Times weekly: Marble-Rita


2 ounces Gingercello

6 ounces Stripped Margarita Mix, chilled

Shaken with ice & poured into glass over ice with Crystalized Ginger-Honey Rimmed Glass (dip ¼ of the glass rim in honeyd; dip again into well-ground crystalized ginger). Garnish with fresh mint & jalapeño slice

The folks at Marble Distilling Company say that while all their offerings are taking off, folks are raving about their drinks concocted with Expresso. But we think the Gingercello is going to be the real prize-winner. Take the Marble-Rita, for example. It’s sweet and tart, spicy and tasty — all at the same time. But don’t take our word for it. Get down to Carbondale and pull up a barstool at the Tasting Room. Or, better yet, book a room. Want to know more, read Amiee White Beazley’s “Marble Spirit” on page 20.

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