Aspen Times Weekly: Llama Fleece Jacket |

Aspen Times Weekly: Llama Fleece Jacket

by Stephen Regenold


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Shear a llama and you get a fine fleece that for millennia served to insulate and protect people in the Andes region of South America. Today, a Utah company is bringing llama fleece to the mainstream.

The Kusa jacket line from Cotopaxi includes two unisex pieces. Both are baffled and stuffed with an insulation made by combining polyester with wool trimmed from the long-neck domestic beasts.

The wool produced by a llama is soft and lanolin-free, requiring less processing than sheep wool, Cotopaxi cites. Its hollow-fiber structure is touted to be light, quick-drying, and comfortable across a range of temps in the outdoors.

For three weeks, I’ve had the llama coat on my back. The Kusa Jacket Half Zip model costs $169 and has a nylon face fabric with a water-resistant treatment. A full-zip jacket version costs $199.

For more on this product, visit Stephen Regenold is the founder and writes about outdoors gear for Gear Junkie.

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