Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Velvet Elvis |

Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Velvet Elvis

by Jeanne McGovern


Colorado vodka

St. Germain elderflower liqueur

Fresh lemon juice

Served up and topped with a housemade hard grape soda.

One day, many Food & Wine Classics ago, I discovered St. Germain elderflower liqueur. It was sweet yet bursting with subtle flavor, and I couldn’t wait to find more cocktails made with it. Alas, there were not many. And, over time, my fascination with St. Germain faded. Enter a recent dinner at Terra Bistro in Vail — and the Velvet Elvis. It was the perfect storm: a swank restaurant, a lovely evening, a group of amazing people, a drink named after Elvis, and, yes, a cocktail featuring St. Germain. How could I resist? To my delight, the Velvet Elvis delivered. Made with Colorado vodka and St. Germain, it was perfectly balanced; a squeeze of lemon and the hard grape soda topper sealed the deal. I am sure the King would have been proud.