Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Super Bowl Sips |

Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Super Bowl Sips

by Kelly J. Hayes & Jeanne McGovern
New Belgium Brewing Company.


Crushed ice

Orange soda

Airheads Fruit Squeezers Blue Raspberry

Approx. 2 ounces vodka


Add the crushed ice to the serving glasses all the way to the tops of the glasses. Put the straws into the glasses, and pack the ice in tight. Add more crushed ice if needed.

Pour the Airheads Fruit Squeezers Blue Raspberry over the ice until the glass is half full of the blue color. Add 1/2 the vodka, and let it sit for a moment so all of the blue color goes to the bottom. Tilt the glass slightly, and slowly add the orange soda to fill the glass to the top. Slowly add the other 1/2 of the vodka.

Wondering what to drink on Super Bowl Sunday? Well, if you are a Carolina fan, may we suggest a Panther Creek Pinot Noir from Oregon? Prefer the Broncos? Then perhaps try something from the Bronco Wine Company, the purveyor of “Two Buck Chuck,” aka Charles Shaw Wines, amongst many other budget brands. But better yet, beer and the Super Bowl are a great mix, and currently there are a number of Colorado brewers who have made the move to North Carolina. That’s right, rather than Bud, pop a can of Oskar Blues. The company has opened a new brewery in Brevard, North Carolina, so by drinking their suds you can support both teams. Same is true by buying a New Belgium. The Fort Collins-based brewer is days away from debuting their latest facility in Asheville, North Carolina. And, of course, there are lists and lists of orange and blue drinks circulating the Web; just Google “Broncos cocktail” to find one that suits your fancy. For our part, the cocktails that showcase our team colors in stacked fashion take to honors, like the one a Front Range friend plans to serve at her Super Bowl party (see recipe).

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