Aspen Times Weekly Libation: So Many Mayas |

Aspen Times Weekly Libation: So Many Mayas

by Jeanne McGovern


Exotico blanco


Served frozen or on the rocks. Make it “especial” with solerno or “oro” with peligroso and grand marnier.

A few months back, I declared a mission: Return to the Westin Riverfront in Avon and try a Pepino on the sprawling deck of its Maya Restaurant, overlooking the pool, hot tubs and river below and with spot-on views of Beaver Creek above. As luck (or sheer determination) would have it, I found myself doing just this a few weeks ago. But this time, I branched out. On the menu of this chic, contemporary restaurant are an array of Maya Margaritas. There’s the Traditional, the Mercado, the Agavero, the Sandia Tajin … the list goes on and on. But the menu also features the Pepino (which I raved about before), other “cocteles,” sangrias, cervezas and more. So what did I choose to quench my thirst on this summer afternoon? First, a Traditional Maya Margarita served “especial,” and then a Michelada made with Pacifico, tomato, lime juice, sandoval spiced rum and served on the rocks. Ahhhhh …

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