Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Salty Dog |

Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Salty Dog

by Jeanne McGovern
Salty Dog is a drink that contains gin or vodka and grapefruit juice in a salt-rimmed glass. Isolated on black.
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3 ounces vodka or gin

6 ounces grapefruit juice, fresh squeezed preferable

Salt to rim the glass

Lemon wedges

Rub the lemon along the rim of the glass, then salt rim.

Combine vodka and grapefruit in a shaker with ice. Shake until cold. Pour grapefruit and vodka mixture in the glass. Can be served on the rocks or up.

In compiling this week’s cover story on summer cocktails — and the best places to enjoy them in Aspen — it occurred to me just how fast summer is flying by. That got me thinking about what National Drink Days I have missed (Gin Day was June 11, by the way) and what National Drink Days are still ahead (mark your calendars for National Rum Day on Aug. 16). But what really caught my eye fell under the “Almost National Drink Days” category: National Dog Day. Were they talking canines? Hot dogs? No, the folks at Mixology Diary were thinking: “How about a Salty Dog, Greyhound, or Hair of the Dog?” I personally appreciate them all. But a good Salty Dog, crafted with a top-shelf vodka and fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, served icy cold in a salt-rimmed glass just screams summer on the beach to me. It’s a holiday I’ll happily toast come Aug. 26. Who’s with me?

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