Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Pinner, please |

Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Pinner, please

by Jeanne McGovern


Brewed by: Oskar Blues Grill & Brew in Longmont, Colorado

Style/ABV: American IPA, 4.9%

Availability: Year-round


If I had come across Oskar Blues’ Pinner Throwback IPA a few years ago, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But with the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, I began to learn all sorts of terms for pot (besides “weed,” “ganja” and other high school nicknames). Among them was Pinner, which according to the Cannabist’s New Cannabis Lexicon of 420-friendly terms is a “tiny, thin joint low on marijuana content.” And, drum-roll please, Oskar Blues Pinner is a session beer that’s low in alcohol content. And if the irony of that isn’t enough to make you want to just drink a Pinner in support of the Oskar Blues’ brilliant minds, check out the tagline at the top of the can: “Can I Be Blunt?” Why, yes. Yes, you can — especially in Colorado.

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