Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Matsutini |

Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Matsutini

by Jeanne McGovern

Make It

Premium sake (TK40)

Russian Standard Gold vodka

Housemade cucumber puree

Served up, garnished with a cucumber slice.

I like a martini. I usually order mine with Kettle One vodka, very dirty, served up. But on a recent dinner at Matsuhisa, I decided to branch out a bit — to get the full Matsu experience. The Matsutini seemed like the perfect choice. And it was. Made with vodka and sake, this martini has a kick. But it’s tempered by a tasty cucumber puree; the light vegetable scent and taste make for a refreshing twist on the standard martini. I can’t really imagine having a Matsutini with a hearty steak-and-potato dinner, but it was a perfect complement to a meal of sushi, rolls and other Japanese specialty items.

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