Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Marshmallow Cocktails |

Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Marshmallow Cocktails


Yield: Approximately 2 dozen (depending on cut size)

1¼ cups warm water

2-pounds, 9 ounces granulated sugar

1¼ cups light corn syrup

1¼ cups liquor

2½ ounces gelatin

½ cups egg whites

Combine the first three ingredients into a sauce pan with a lid over medium heat. Combine the gelatin and the liquor in a large bowl and set aside to bloom. In a 5-quart mixer with whip attachment, begin to whip egg whites with a pinch of kosher salt on low speed. Slowly increase the speed of the mixer until the egg whites reach a soft peak. Decrease the speed of the mixer and slowly add the sugar mixture to the egg whites while the mixer is whipping. Then add the gelatin/liquor combination to the mixer. Continue to whip until a soft peak is reached.

Pour into a prepared 9x11 baking pan, which has been dusted with a 50/50 corn starch to powder sugar mixture. Level the pan and dust the top with the cornstarch/powder sugar mixture. Place in refrigerator or freezer to set, as this will make cutting the marshmallows to a manageable size easier. Toast or garnish with the appropriate condiments.

I thought I had tasted it all, so when the St. Regis Aspen invited me to try a “quartet of ‘boozy’ marshmallows … served on a snow-white platter, with each marshmallow cocktail displayed in a miniature martini glass,” I clearly had to indulge. While these ultra-sweet “cocktails” were far from boozy — in taste or effect — they were unique. Flavors included Dipped Strawberry with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and crème de cacao (my favorite); Candy Apple with German apple liqueur; Hotty Toddy with butterscotch schnapps and rum; as well as Candy Cane with peppermint schnapps (which I plan to go back and try in a hot chocolate for apr è s-ski). And the best part? The price. Seriously. For just $13 for all four types, it’s an affordable novelty — especially for those times when you’re entertaining out-of-town guests looking for a unique “Aspen experience.”

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