Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Genepi — Apres like your’re in the Alps |

Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Genepi — Apres like your’re in the Alps

by Tim Kurnos

Genepi is best served neat, but it is good on the rocks and also with a splash of tonic.

After a day of skiing in the cold there’s nothing better than sipping on a little Genepi to warm yourself up. Originally developed as medicine for whatever ailed you, Genepi is sipped fireside at every ski lodge in the Alps. Genepi is an alpine flower under the wormwood classification. It’s basically steeped with other alpine herbs in a neutral grain spirit (vodka) then sugar is added to balance the bitterness. There is no one recipe for Genepi, and most mountaineers in the region make their own (it’s not any harder than making your own lemoncello, except it’s hard to find the plant here in the Rockies). The spirit is floral, herbaceous, silky, sweet and lemony, with a touch of honey at the finish. Justice Snow’s and Of Grape & Grain have the Genepi pictured here; Chartreuse, which is a type of Genepi, is widely available.

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