Aspen Times Weekly Libation: El Mero, Mero |

Aspen Times Weekly Libation: El Mero, Mero

by Jeanne McGovern


Sombra mezcal blanco

Spicy cucumber


Richard Sandoval chipotle citrus salt

Serrano chile

I often think of Snowmass Village as Aspen’s quiet cousin; you know, not as much happening with a bar scene that’s not nearly as hot as Aspen’s. And that is still my basic assumption. But when it comes to a HOT — and I mean HOT, as in spicy — drink, Venga Venga has everything I’ve tried in Aspen beat. On a recent evening in Snowmass, we found ourselves enjoying a post-circus (yes, circus) cocktail on patio at this slopeside bar and restaurant. The drink menu was impressive with plenty of margarita and marg-variations to choose from. My husband, who’s always drawn to the spiciest thing he can find, went for El Mero, Mero. And was it ever spicy. Maybe it was the Serrano chile or the smoky mezcal? Or perhaps the “spicy cucumber” and spiced rim salt did the trick? But this was a drink that burned — in a good way. Although I am not sure I could drink an entire one on my own. I guess I’m not up for as hot a bar scene as I think I am?