Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Apple Cider Mimosa |

Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Apple Cider Mimosa

by Jeanne McGovern
One glass with alcoholic mimosa or valencia cocktail of apricot liqueur orange juice sparkling dry wine and yellow cherry with stem on white plate brick wall background, vertical photo
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Splash of apple cider

Serve in a Champagne flute. Garnish with dried apple or cinnamon stick.

On a recent day trip to Redstone, a group of girlfriends and I were determined to make the excursion out of the ordinary. We started with lunch at the super-quaint Redstone Inn. Knowing we had a bottle of bubbly in our bag to enjoy later while soaking in the Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs, the Apple Cider Mimosa immediately jumped off the Inn’s cocktail menu (and it was only noon, so a Mimosa seemed appropriate). It was a good choice — the tart apple cider blended smoothly with the sweet Champagne. But after passing the glass around the table, we all agreed on the one way to make this drink even more season-appropriate: A cinnamon stick garnish.

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