Aspen Times Weekly: Jimmy’s Mules |

Aspen Times Weekly: Jimmy’s Mules

by Jeanne McGovern

Make It

Moscow Mule: Stoli Vodka, Gosling’s Ginger Beer, lime

Colorado Mule: Woody Creek Vodka, Fever Tree Ginger Beer, lime

Kentucky Mule: Four Roses Bourbon, Gosling’s Ginger Beer, lime

Mezcal Mule: Del Maguey Vida, Fever Tree Ginger Beer, lime

I was first introduced to the Moscow Mule a few summers back, and loved it for the crisp flavor served up in a chilled cooper cup. But I thought of it as a cocktail for warm nights, not winter nights. Wrong call! Coming off a long few weeks of work and entertaining — and the resulting nights filled with one too many glasses of wine — I found myself out and about again, and needing a change of pace; something really refreshing to drink. Lo and behold, Jimmy’s cocktail menu had the answer in black and white: a Mule. And not just your basic Moscow Mule, I had a choice of four varieties — Moscow, Colorado, Kentucky and Mezcal. Feeling a bit gun-shy, I stuck close to home with a Colorado Mule. No complaints there, but I might have to go back and broaden my horizons before winter’s over.