Aspen Times Weekly: Hit & Run with John Colson |

Aspen Times Weekly: Hit & Run with John Colson

with John Colson

Holy premature whatever-it-is, Batman, they’re already talking about this Tea Party freak from Wisconsin as a possible presidential candidate in 2016!

I know, Robin, it’s one of the truly depressing things about American politics, we are no sooner done with one election than we start fighting about the next one. Oh, why can’t we all just put the nation’s needs above our petty ambitions, and forget about all this foolishness?

I imagine this conversation taking place as the Caped Crusaders are scaling a sheer skyscraper, standing nearly erect using nothing but a skinny rope, and somehow their capes seem to drape norm ally around their knees, rather than observing gravity by hanging straight out behind them.

And I imagine that the coming presidential combat will in too many ways resemble a bad script for a truly abysmal TV sitcom — all fluff and ill-conceived humor without a trace of real, political substance to it.

Beginning, I am deeply afraid, with Scott Walker, the current governor of Wisconsin who has never even heard of a workers’ rights initiative he didn’t hate, and who is the closest thing we have right now to a poisonous snake in the grass, preparing to strike.

That’s because he’s the bought and paid-for lackey of the oligarchy that is close to total control of this once-great nation.

The oligarchs already have neutered and curbed the U.S. Supreme Court, which gave corporations the same political and free-speech rights as real people with the Citizens United decision in 2010.

The U.S. Congress is hopelessly mired in never-ending squabbles over everything, thanks largely to people like Walker, which basically ensures that they never get anything done of major consequence.

And the presidency — well, it’s a shame, that’s all. Even when we elect a man who seems to be a straight-shooting, progressive and humanistic politician, he turns out to be nothing but a dark rider on the stallion of hypocrisy, bent toward submission to the same oligarchy we’d hoped to send packing.

Of course, even if President Barack Obama had followed his own will instead of the urging of the ruling class, the fact that he’s a black man in a nation still steeped in the racial bigotry of a bygone century certainly hasn’t helped him much.

And now we are feeling the first warming touches of the blistering political heat that is certain to characterize the presidential race of 2016.

Walker, you may know, is a lightning rod for controversy, a favorite of the Tea Party and a shill for the oligarchy.

He is a liar, too, as seen when he is confronted with questions about his remarks back in 2011, concerning the use of outside agitators to foment unrest and even violence among protesters fighting his moves to strip the bargaining rights of public workers throughout the once-great State of Wisconsin.

He made those remarks when he thought he was talking by telephone with David Koch, the billionaire political machinist determined to usher in a modern era of feudalism, but he was actually talking with progressive blogger Ian Murphy.

The conversation was publicized, Walker admitted at one point that he had considered bringing in outside agitators to discredit the protesters, but said he discarded the idea.

Well, I guess he would say that, wouldn’t he?

I mean, even Scott Walker is savvy enough to know that he should not appear in sympathy with the kind of tactics that helped bring down one president (remember Richard Nixon?) and would most certainly not play well in middle America.

But he said it, he meant it, and the likelihood is that he would consider it again if his political foes seemed to be gaining strength. And, given his nature and his past acts, I believe he would do it, use phony protesters to cause trouble at public gatherings, then cynically use the trouble as a means for demonizing his opponents.

Does that sound so far-fetched to you?

Does that sound like the kind of a guy you want in the White House with his finger on that big, red button?

‘Nuff said.