Aspen Times Weekly Food Matters: Last Call!

by Amanda Rae


Cache Cache (June 6)

Chefs Club (May 14)

Hotel Jerome (May 22)

La Palapa

Pinions (June 17)

Plato’s Restaurant (June 9)

Prospect Restaurant and J-Bar at Hotel Jerome (May 22)

Pyramid Bistro (June 6)


39 Degrees at Sky Hotel

Closed April 21-25;

April 28-May 21

709 E. Durant Ave.

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Ajax Tavern

Après: $15 burger&beer, $2/oysters

Closed April 21-May 15

685 E. Durant Ave.

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Brexi Brasserie

3 courses, $35

Closed April 21

411 S. Monarch St.

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Closed April 28-May 10

205 S. Mill St.

970-544-4644" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Casa Tua

$39, 3 courses

Closed April 21-June 1

403 S. Galena St.

970-920-7277" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

CP Burger

Closed April 27-May 15

433 E. Durant Ave.

970-925-3056" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Creperie du Village

40% off raclette, fondue

Closed April 19-June 2

400 E. Hopkins Ave.

970-925-1566" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Element 47

$10 bottomless mimosas Sun.

Closed April 21-May 15

675 E. Durant Ave.

970-920-6330" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">


Closed April 20-June 2

430 E. Hyman Ave.

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Finbarr’s Irish Pub

Meatball Mon., $11

Wed. Burger Night

Closed April 27-May 21

415 E. Hyman Ave.

970-925-2719" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Jimmy’s Restaurant

Closed April 27-May 6

205 S. Mill St.

970-925-6020" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Justice Snow’s

Closed May 11-26

328 E. Hyman Ave.

970-429-8192" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Su Casa

Closing Party May 3

Closed May 4-21

315 E. Hyman Ave.

970-920-1488" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

The Red Onion

Closed April 21 – May 15

420 E. Cooper Ave.

970-925-9955" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

The Wild Fig

Closed April 21-May 15

315 E. Hyman Ave.

970-925-5160" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Zane’s Tavern

Closed April 21

308 S. Hunter St.

970-544-9263" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">


Closed April 21-May 24

501 E. Dean St.

970-429-8588" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">



2 dishes, $21

Closed Sun.-Mon.

525 E. Cooper Ave.

970-429-8284" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Campo de Fiori

2 courses, $29

Closed Mon.-Tue.

205 S. Mill St.



50% off sushi rolls

533 E. Hopkins Ave.

970-920-2212" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">


Closed Sun.-Mon.

620 E. Hyman Ave.

970-925-9022" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">


$1 oysters, Thu.

Closed Sun.

624 E. Cooper Ave.

970-925-5882" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Rustique Bistro

$26, 3-course fried chicken, Thu.

50% off dinner; 10% off wine

Closed Sun.-Mon.

216 S. Monarch St.

970-920-2555" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Steakhouse No. 316

Closed Mon.-Tue.

316 E. Hopkins Ave.

970-920-1893" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

The Meatball Shack

312 S. Mill St.

970-925-1349" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">



415 E. Main St.

970-925-8222" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Asie Restaurant

413 E. Main St.

970-920-9988" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">


Daily specials

411 E. Main St.

970-925-3663" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Limelight Hotel

355 S. Monarch St.

970-925-3025" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Matsuhisa Aspen

303 E. Main St.

970-544-6628" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Ryno’s Pies & Pints

430 E. Cooper Ave.

970-922-7966" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

The Square Grouper

304 E. Hopkins Ave.

970-429-4968" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

White House Tavern

302 E. Hopkins Ave.

970-925-1007" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">

Zocalito Latin Bistro

420 E. Hyman Ave.

970-920-1991" target="_blank">Sections-ATW-ATW_InfoBox_Body">


Takah Sushi

Ute City Restaurant


Aspen Chamber: 970-925-1940

SLIDING UP TO the bar at Jimmy’s last Wednesday around 7, my pal Corby and I were struck by two things: That we didn’t have to wait for two seats to open up during restaurant primetime ­— and hover awkwardly in the entryway — and the sea of familiar faces. Our walk from the Wheeler Opera House was shrouded in the kind of eerie silence that creeps into town after Spring Break, but inside Jimmy’s we found a cocktail of longtime friends and laid-back energy. Our fearless bartender Dylan commented that he doesn’t see some locals at all during peak season — they know better than to battle the throngs of jetsetters and snow bunnies. We nodded between bites of lobster mac, and reveled in the chill, insiders-only vibe, which is why we choose Jimmy’s in the first place. Aspen Mountain won’t close for another couple of weekends, but one thing is clear: offseason is here.

Even local-favorite haunts like Jimmy’s need a couple of weeks to recharge, offering chefs, cooks, and hospitality folk a much-deserved, long-anticipated break. (See sidebar below for details.) Brunelleschi’s, which normally remains open year-round, is taking a few weeks off to do some remodeling. Aspen’s original watering hole, the J-Bar at Hotel Jerome, goes dark until May 22.

“We close pretty much every year to deep clean and refresh the old girl,” explains Susie Lee, marketing and creative projects manager.

Despite Aspen Skiing Co.’s announcement to extend spring skiing on Aspen Mountain past the initial closing date of April 20, this weekend could be seen as our last hurrah — at least, to après at Ajax Tavern or sip bottomless mimosas for $10 (11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday) at The Little Nell. Across town, many restaurants — Brexi Brasserie, Casa Tua, Creperie du Village, Ellina, Red Onion, Wild Fig, and Zeno included — shut down on Sunday.

Others use this time to test specials. Finbarr’s Irish Pub inaugurates Meatball Mondays ($11) and resurrects Wednesday Burger Night before closing for a month beginning April 27. Such evenings hark to executive chef Joe Flamer’s popular Curry Nights last fall.

“All of these specials are specifically created with locals in mind,” says Kelly O’Donovan, co-owner with her husband, Denis. “They are the reason we created Finbarr’s. Denis has lived and worked in Aspen for 20 years and is familiar with what locals want. From 20-somethings to local families to the old ski bums, we see them all at the pub on a regular basis.”

The good, the few, the brave remain open nonstop — albeit with limited hours — before the gluttonous, booze-soaked Food & Wine Classic kicks off a new season of fresh produce, farmers’ markets, and al fresco dining. Offseason specials abound. bb’s offers any two dishes for $21, Tuesday to Saturday. Cantina offers specials daily, including $3 street tacos on Tuesday, five items for $5 each on Thursday, and Hangover Brunch on Saturday and Sunday, complete with Bloody Maria tequila bar. Semi-annual specials continue at Rustique: this week, take 50 percent off the entire dinner menu, and 10 percent off wine,too.

“I definitely take advantage of these deals,” says Melissa Wisenbaker, a PR professional who moved to Aspen three years ago. “I love being able to walk into a restaurant, know everyone — since it’s mostly locals — and get amazing deals, such as Rustique’s fried chicken prix-fixe Thursdays.” (3-courses, $26.)

Spring 2014 will go down in history as the real last hurrah for some. Ute City closed for good last Friday. And Takah Sushi, at 33 years one of Aspen’s longest-running restaurants, says sayonara with a blowout bash on Saturday, April 19. Thanks for the memories — it’s been a good run.

Amanda Rae likes the lull.

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