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Aspen Times Weekly: Epiphany’s Pocket Bellows



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Getting oxygen to the base of a fire takes big lungs, scorched facial hair, or, traditionally, an accordion-like bellows to move air. A small brand, Epiphany Outdoor Gear, offers a new solution.

The V3-Pocket Bellows is essentially a collapsible tube. The metal is thin, and the product feels like a TV antenna. Collapsed, it is just 3.5 inches long. Telescope it out and you have a 20-inch pipe to place in your mouth and blow.

Epiphany notes that this process “compresses and focuses extra oxygen directly into the heart of a fire,” thus making a hotter flame.

For years, I have simply leaned over and got close, singed eyebrows no matter, to get my breath into the coals.

The V3-Pocket Bellows makes this process a lot easier. I tested it out on a recent camping trip, where cool fall weather encouraged a fire in the morning and when the sun went down.

The product, which costs $14.99 at Epiphany Outdoor Gear, was highly effective — simply put the bigger end between your lips and expel air.

It pipes a jet of oxygen to the base of the fire, immediately bolstering the coals and the flames. It’s pretty fun to blast air into the coals and see them turn bright and hot instantly.

The V3-Pocket Bellows ( is a no-fuss little item I will now keep in my camping kit. It’s small, inexpensive, and a must-have for anyone looking to preserve their facial hair while stoking a fire with air.

Stephen Regenold writes about outdoors gear at

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