Aspen Times Weekly: Epiphany’s Pocket Bellows |

Aspen Times Weekly: Epiphany’s Pocket Bellows



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Getting oxygen to the base of a fire takes big lungs, scorched facial hair, or, traditionally, an accordion-like bellows to move air. A small brand, Epiphany Outdoor Gear, offers a new solution.

The V3-Pocket Bellows is essentially a collapsible tube. The metal is thin, and the product feels like a TV antenna. Collapsed, it is just 3.5 inches long. Telescope it out and you have a 20-inch pipe to place in your mouth and blow.

Epiphany notes that this process “compresses and focuses extra oxygen directly into the heart of a fire,” thus making a hotter flame.

For years, I have simply leaned over and got close, singed eyebrows no matter, to get my breath into the coals.

The V3-Pocket Bellows makes this process a lot easier. I tested it out on a recent camping trip, where cool fall weather encouraged a fire in the morning and when the sun went down.

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