Aspen Times Weekly: ‘Briefcase’ Grill |

Aspen Times Weekly: ‘Briefcase’ Grill

by Stephen Regenold


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Search for “briefcase grill” online and you get dozens of results, a barrage of foldable cooking apparatuses that support the burning of charcoal or gas to prepare food over flame.

The Elevate Grill is a luxury-end contender in the category, a $250 gas grill that melds ample cooking real estate with a packable design. The company calls it the “largest, most portable gas grill ever.”

On its cast-iron grates you get 286 square inches of grilling space, or enough to cook for a small crew. I brought it into the outdoors for camping trips and on picnics, and the unit easily fed my family of six.

You pay the big bucks for the Elevate Grill’s industrial design, which is an efficient, low-profile accomplishment of the aforementioned “briefcase” type. The whole unit clamshells shut, and the support legs hinge up to offer carrying handles.

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