Aspen Times Weekly: Aspen Untucked – My Non-Resoultion

by Barbara Platts

It’s 2014, and when it comes to my New Year’s resolution, I’m resolved to be unresolved.

This is not because I bash the resolution-makers in their quest to rid themselves of their vices and become smarter, prettier, and just better people overall than they were in 2013. Making goals and sticking to them is a huge key to success in life. However, this year, in lack of a proper or appealing resolution for myself, I will, instead, confirm my non-resolutions — the bad, yet horribly appealing and glutinous, habits that I plan to continue participating in despite the fact that it is a new year.

For 2014, I resolve to still press the snooze alarm in the morning for a minimum of 10 minutes while I dream of the powder day in store. When I finally wake up, my eyes will still be bigger than my stomach, particularly when I head to Bonnie’s before a day of skiing to enjoy their oatmeal pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

Many people are determined to get in better shape after the New Year. They put a rigorous workout regimen in place by Jan. 2. They’re focused. They’re dedicated. And they’re probably going to burn out fast. I might consider going to the gym in March…once 99 percent of the New Year’s resolutions have fizzled out. Until then, I can find a cardio blast at my own leisure somewhere in the cold outdoors.

Another common resolution is to cut out a food group for nutrition or possible allergy-related reasons. I haven’t eaten gluten or dairy for almost two years, but damn my concerns when it comes to a fresh libation at the end of the day. I will not waver from seeing the bottom of my pint glass at Aspen Brewery following a hard day of work or from indulging in the decadent, sugar-filled hot chocolate with house-made marshmallows at the Little Nell after a cold skiing day.

I’m sure that at the beginning of the year, many people make the choice to head home early on the weekends to avoid a late night out. Well…I’m certainly not giving that up. I plan on continuing to embrace the night scene in Aspen wholeheartedly with my vices shining bright late night, surrounded by usuals I have begun to call good friends and a lingering feeling that at any moment someone is going to suggest a shotski with four shots filled to the brim with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. And I am resolved to dutifully participate, because it’s the Red Onion, I have made no resolution against participating.

At this point, I will follow an inebriated suggestion from a fellow patron to dance the rest of the night away at a club, after which I will be filled with smiles and a wave of confidence that only Fireball and top 40 mashup hits can garner.

I will go to bed, sure that the next morning brings an early powder day with hours and hours of skiing.

And oatmeal pancakes, eggs, and bacon at Bonnie’s…again…if I wish.

Barbara Platts, a local marketing professional, writes about the “mountain millennial culture” that she participates in every day. Reach her at or follow her @barbaraplatts.

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