Aspen Times Weekly: Tips for Wintertime Biking

by Stephen Regenold

Riding a bike through snow and cold is becoming common for hard-cores and casual cyclists alike. I polled a group of experts at Minnesota-based Quality Bicycle Products, who bike-commute 10 to 20 miles a day, for tips on how to ride safe, comfortably, and warm through the cold months and winter’s worst.

1) Thin Sheen Of Warmth: Icy winds on the face can be combated with a thin smear of greasy salve, including the likes of Dermatone, Warm Skin, or Vaseline. It adds a layer on top of your skin that cuts the bite of wind and cold.

2) Bag Your Feet: It may sound suspect, but basic plastic bags can serve as a heat-trapping barrier on feet. Put thin socks on, then pull a plastic bag over your foot before adding a final thicker sock on top. This three-layer system can keep feet warm in frigid temps.

3) Spray Your Frame: Rinse your frame lightly with WD-40, a coat of wax, or even Pam cooking spray. The non-stick sheen of grease or gloss will keep your frame cleaner from grit and spray off the road.

4) Rusty Chains: Stainless steel chains are pricey but will not rust. Or, several companies offer rust-resistant chains for cheaper prices; see the KMC Rust Buster as one choice.

5) Dress Warm: Most people living in a winter climate have clothing to keep warm, including jackets, hats, and shell pants. Wear the same gear you use for skiing or sledding if you can’t drop the cash on dedicated winter biking apparel.

For more tip, visit Stephen Regenold is the founder and writes about outdoors gear for Gear Junkie.

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