Aspen History: Filming ‘Snow Carnival’ |

Aspen History: Filming ‘Snow Carnival’

Aspen Historical Society
One b/w photograph of the Sundeck on top of Aspen Mountain. Two people can be seen on the right side of the picture in ski gear. There is snow on the ground and a large cloud overhead, 1949.

“Most of us here in Aspen will recall the Warner Brothers group who were photographing Aspen scenes last winter and spring, with Cedric Francis as Director,” stated the Aspen Times on December 8, 1949. “Now that film, in technicolor, has been released under title of ‘Snow Carnival,’ and will first be seen at the Isis in Aspen on Thursday and Friday, December 29 and 30. Later in the season the Isis will have repeat showings. Gary Cooper is narrator for the film, and also skis and appears in other shots throughout the film. Opening scenes will show the arrival of the California Zephyr at Glenwood Springs, from which the skiers alight to continue on to Aspen. Many good background shots were used in the filming, showing much of the town of Aspen and surrounding country. This is a film that everyone in Aspen will enjoy seeing again and again, and we are fortunate in knowing that although it will run only two days in December, it will return later this winter.” The image above shows the Sundeck on top of Aspen Mountain, 1949. (Aspen Historical Society, Ringquist Collection)