Aspen History: WWII Officers Skiing Roch Run |

Aspen History: WWII Officers Skiing Roch Run

Aspen Historical Society
One 3" x 4" b/w negative and one b/w photograph of the lower portion of Roch Run from near the boat tow track. There is a skier going up the rope tow which was put in in January of 1942. The boat tow track and the terminal shack are clearly visible, 1944-.

“Pando ski troops know where to find good skiing,” noted the Aspen Times on Jan. 21, 1943. “The United States Army brass hats and our vaunted politicians may think Pando- Camp Hale- the ideal spot for training mountain troops, and that they can equal Aspen’s world-famous ski course, but it takes the mountain troops themselves to reveal the truth in the situation. Camp Hale officers and men are swarming into Aspen every weekend for some real skiing. Here are just a few of last week’s visitors from the Pando swamp country: Pvt. Al Glidden and Pvt. E.J. McCormick from Camp Hale spent the weekend in Aspen. Lieut. and Mrs. E.W. Bowers, and Lieut. W.D. Bennett were in Aspen from Camp Hale last weekend. Lieut. Swearengin was in Aspen over the weekend from Camp Hale. Pvt. Norman Richardson was over from Pando Saturday skiing Roch Run. Arthur Moore was visiting in Aspen last weekend from Pando. A party of Army officers and wives were here from Glenwood Tuesday. After enjoying lunch at the Hotel Jerome the group spent the afternoon skiing on Roch Run.” The image above shows the lower portion of Roch Run from near the boat tow track, circa 1944 (Aspen Historical Society, Kaeser Collection)

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