Aspen History: Women on the ballot

Aspen Historical Society
Aspen Historical Society

“There are two women running for office in Aspen this spring,” announced the Aspen Weekly Times on March 24, 1894. “The Times wishes both represented some party and some principle in politics, for it would be a pleasure to support two women for office and thus prove the sincerity of its motives in advocating woman suffrage last fall. But laying politics aside, wouldn’t it be a good idea for these estimable women to get out and make a good lively canvass. It is undoubtedly legitimate politics that a person nominated for an office should become acquainted with the people whom they hope to claim as their constituents. The women need not carry around a pocket full of cigars, nor call the boys up to the bar for drinks, and if women’s influence in politics shall bring this kind of electioneering into disrepute she will bring about an important and needed reform.” The image above shows two women sitting together in a living room or parlor, circa 1890.

Aspen Times Weekly

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