Aspen History: Winter Sports in the Quiet Years |

Aspen History: Winter Sports in the Quiet Years

Aspen Historical Society
One film negative of two men skiing in the mountains, 1915. One man is watching, while the other is skiing by on long skis and holding a single pole.

“Aspen’s wide awake club will make things hum,” predicted the Aspen Democrat-Times on November 22, 1916. “At an enthusiastic meeting of the Winter Sports Club last evening about fifty members were present. In the crowd several lady members were also in attendance which shows the increasing interest taken in the club. After a thorough discussion the club voted to raise the membership limit to 150 which will serve as the greatest good to the greatest number of people instead of the small limit that before was the case. The Skiing committee reports the ski course in A-1 condition and all that is needed is to build one small bridge and another fall of snow. The committee then says all lovers of skiing may enjoy themselves to their heart’s content- providing they are members of the club. The big rink will be ready and affording amusement to large crowds by Thanksgiving time. A great deal of work will be done this week while we are having this cold snap. Club members will have the use of the ski course and skating rink, but outsiders will be charged a due fee. The moral therefore is that now the club has raised its limit of members to 150 it will be the best and cheapest thing for you to join this very day. To join you may hand in your name to Albert Kobey or Will Sheehan each of whom will be glad to give you all the information regarding dues, etc. There are now 97 members in the club, 81 being men members and 16 women. This leaves only a chance for 53 more to join so you had better hurry.” The image above shows a man skiing, circa 1915. (Aspen Historical Society, Cooper Collection)

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