Aspen History: The Power of suggestion |

Aspen History: The Power of suggestion

Aspen Historical Society
One b/w photograph of Andre Roch and Billy Fiske skiing up Mt. Hayden. Written on the back: "Roch (foreground) and Fiske in upper Sawyer Gulch en route to Hayden- Feb. 1937".

“Suggestions for enjoying skiing,” advised The Aspen Times on Feb. 4, 1937. “Skis should be waterproofed to give the most satisfaction. Remove all old wax from the running surface by scraping, from point to heel, with the grain, and then clean well with gasoline or benzine. Heat boiled linseed oil slowly until very hot, and apply several coats to the running surfaces with a brush. Allow the skis to dry well after each coat and rub smooth with steel wool. The last coat may be raw linseed oil slightly heated. This will require considerable time to dry but will leave a good hard surface. Surface waxing is another operation that requires a lot of experience. However, amateurs can purchase a good, all-purpose wax or make their own surface wax from the many formulas. Ski poles should be kept varnished. Two or three coats every time they are used for the first few times will put them in good condition for hard wear.” The image above shows Andre Roch and Billy Fiske heading up to Mount Hayden on a ski trip, February 1937.