Aspen History: ‘Suicide Six’ Race in Snowmass |

Aspen History: ‘Suicide Six’ Race in Snowmass

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One b/w photograph of runners participating in the Suicide 6 10K. In the lead are (L to R) Mitch Green, Jon Sinclair, and Kim Hartman. Behind them, a large group of runners is following behind. The photo is in the July 26, 1984 Aspen Times, p. 5C.

“Suicide Six 10K set for Sunday,” announced The Aspen Times on July 26, 1984. “The Suicide Six isn’t really as deadly as the name implies but the demanding 10K course is enough to make finishers glad to be alive at the end. That’s because Sunday’s race from the Rodeo Lot to the Village Mall and back to the Snowmass Club takes in an 800 foot ascent and return that is unusual for a competitive race that is not a novelty event like the Vail hill climb or the Pike’s Peak run. In addition to the self-satisfaction of completing the course and getting to the refreshment area, race sponsors are offering a series of pre-race running clinics with Kim Hartman, an area runner who finished 27th in the Boston Marathon, and doctors Walt Rotkis, Phil Welch and Arthur Schwartz. That clinic and the others will be followed by training runs with Hartman and other Colorado runners of note Bill Aragon (winner of the Aspen Times 5), Mitch Green, Frank Mencin and Brian Jordan. Those who haven’t noted those names before will probably notice them among the top finishers in Sunday’s race.” The image above shows runners participating in the Suicide Six 10K. In the lead are (L to R) Mitch Green, Jon Sinclair, and Kim Hartman.

Aspen Times Weekly

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