Aspen History: Streets a ‘Disgrace,’ 1928

Aspen History
One postcard with a b/w image of E. Hyman Avenue, circa 1930. There are several cars parked along the street.

“No Joking about this,” asserted the Aspen Times on May 18, 1928. “Honestly, no joking, the streets of Aspen are right now in worse condition than ever before. The only decent street is the State Highway passing through the city – and that’s no josh. Every other street is a disgrace with its chuckholes, ruts, ridges, humps, bumps, rocks, etc. The Street and Alley committee of the City Council should get busy and spend 40 or 50 cents in improving our streets. It sure should!” The image above shows E. Hyman Avenue, circa 1930.