Aspen History: Skibob!

Aspen Historical Society
One color slide of a man riding a snow bike (ski bike, snow bob, ski bobbing) and he is going over a jump. Circa 1970.

“Free lift rides and free skibob rides are inducements offered by the Aspen Highlands and Chuck Cole for a special Skibob Open House this Saturday, Jan. 13,” proclaimed the Aspen Times on January 11, 1968. “The Open House was organized to acquaint Aspen residents and visitors with the thrills of ski bobbing and to celebrate the move of the ski bob concession from Snowmass-at-Aspen to the Aspen Highlands, Cole told the Aspen Times. A special section of the Thunderbowl slope has been set aside for use by ski bob riders, Cole explained, and both chairlifts at the Thunderbowl will be open for use of riders. Saturday the two lifts will be available for use by those attending the open house without charge. Ski bobs will also be provided for free for the day. According to Cole, the concession for the bicycle-like ski vehicles was moved from the Snowmass-at-Aspen area because of a conflict with skiers on use of the lower lifts. At the Highlands, he explained, the number of lower lifts permitted the use of ski bobs without conflict with the skiers. Ski bobs are similar to bicycles with skis instead of wheels. Riders are equipped small skis for their feet to help maintain balance while coasting down snow slopes. The machines can be rented for $2 an hour or $7 a day, Cole stated. They can also be purchased at about the same cost as a good pair of skis.” The image above shows a man going off of a jump on a skibob, circa 1970.

Aspen Times Weekly

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