Aspen History: Remember when they started to make Highway 82? |

Aspen History: Remember when they started to make Highway 82?

Aspen Historical Society
One b/w photograph looking toward Highway 82 at the Roaring Fork River and the Old Woody Creek Bridge on lower Woody Creek road, Gerbaz road now, 1935.

“25 miles county roads are added to state highways,” announced the Aspen Times on May 5, 1938. “Approximately 25 miles of county roads have been transferred to the jurisdiction of the State Highway Department under the program by which the state has added more than 2,600 miles of more important county roads to the present system of 9,400 miles. The Pitkin roads affected by this order include the Brush Creek road as far as the ‘cutoff;’ the Woody Creek canyon road from the Gerbaz ranch to the Carroll ranch; and the Capitol and Snowmass Creek roads to the boundaries of the Holy Cross National Forest. The county will continue to have the responsibility of maintaining these roads, however, under the new setup, the county will be able to use gas tax funds for their upkeep. Heretofore all gas tax money was spent on No. 82, which will be oiled within the next year and can then be kept up at a minimum cost thereby permitting road crews to give more attention to the secondary highway system. Under the farm-to-market roads program, county roads had to become state highways before the state highway department could spend any money on them.”