Aspen History: Offseason Travel

Aspen Historical Society
One b/w film negative looking down a sidewalk in Aspen, showing a sign for Aspen Travel Service. Beyond that are signs for Aspen Airways, Stein Eriksen Sport, and the Molly Gibson. 1965-

“Aspen Couple help local vacationers,” noted the Aspen Times on May 2, 1957. “An Aspen husband and wife team did much to make the recent vacation of two local residents a success. The vacationers, Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Bresnitz, were the first customers of the newly opened Aspen Travel Service owned by Janet Hoist. Reservations and travel accommodations were made for them by Mrs. Hoist for their recent New York vacation. When their sojourn in the big city was over they returned west by United Airlines. Their pilot from Chicago to Denver was United Captain Jack Hoist, one of the airliners’ senior pilots and Mrs. Hoist’s husband.”

Aspen Times Weekly

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