Aspen History: No angle parking, 1968 |

Aspen History: No angle parking, 1968

Aspen Historical Society

“Angle parking vote defeated in council,” announced The Aspen Times on June 6, 1968. “Two attempts to resume angle parking in downtown Aspen were defeated in the City Council during its regular meeting Monday. After a lengthy discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of angle versus parallel parking, a motion made by Carl Bergman and seconded by Werner Kuster to resume angle parking was defeated when a two-to-two tie vote was settled by a no vote from Mayor Robert Barnard.” This image was published in the paper with this article, and was captioned “No wonder some visitors to Aspen were confused last week about where and when they could park. An Aspen Times cameraman snapped this picture across the street from the bank soon after the new no-angle parking regulations went into effect. It is apparent that someone forgot something.”