Aspen History: ‘More sweet peas’

Aspen Historical Society

“P.E.O. urges growers plant more sweet peas,” declared The Aspen Times on March 27, 1941. “Members of the P.E.O., who hold a flower show in Aspen each year, are urging flower growers to plant more sweet peas this spring. Hoping this year to feature sweet pea exhibits and contests at the flower show, members of the Sisterhood suggest that more of these flowers be planted this year and in greater variety. Most everyone raises a few sweet peas whether they even plant any other kinds and it is believed they should have a more prominent place in the annual exhibit. It will soon be time to plant these flowers and most gardeners will have their seed in the ground as soon as the weather clears up, that is, if their flower bed is not under a snowbank somewhere. When you get ready to plant your sweet peas, plant a few more this year and a few more varieties, P.E.O. members urge.”