Aspen History: Jazz and Wine |

Aspen History: Jazz and Wine

Aspen Historical Society
One b/w photograph of the Romance Jazz Band playing an outdoor concert at a wine party (noted as The Wine Party) on Aspen Mountain. This image appeared in the Aspen Times on March 8, 1979 on pg. 5A.

“Wine party for friends grows annually by leaps and bounds,” proclaimed The Aspen Times on March 8, 1979. “About 11 years ago, a small group of a half dozen friends who skies Ajax regularly decided to have a wine party on Peanut Butter Ridge. It was a smashing success and they’ve been having it every year since. But each year, the original sponsors have made more friends and those friends have invited their friends. Now there’s no question that it is ‘THE Wine Party.’ This year’s version was held Sunday without a cloud in the sky and silky powder underfoot. (A snowcat was loaded) the night before with 198 liters of red and white wine and four kegs of beer. Before noon another snowcat delivered a hot-air balloon to the site for atmosphere, and still another — at $50 an hour — brought the Romance Jazz Band, complete with a generator to power the microphones and electric piano. Volunteer ski patrolmen fenced off the party area from noon to 2, and kept incredulous skiers-by from choking off the trail (It was rumored that last year, more than 100 revelers had to be helped down the mountain).” The image above shows the Romance Jazz Band playing at the party.