Aspen History: ‘Hurt on the Toboggan’ |

Aspen History: ‘Hurt on the Toboggan’

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One mounted b/w photograph of Hallam Lake, with the ice house in the left background. The Dance Pavillion is in the center, and the eating pavillion is on the right. A $50 prize was given at the 4th of July celebrations for anyone who could bicycle down the chute on the left of the stairs into the lake. 1887-

“Hurt on the toboggan,” declared a headline in the Aspen Daily Times on December 28, 1898. “Clyde Fishel was hurt Sunday evening while riding down the newly erected toboggan at Hallam Lake, but not so badly as was reported. He was on in front, and in making the descent the effect was more than he could stand, and the fellow just behind him noticed that something was wrong as he tipped over to one side so that his face dragged on the ice and snow. He lifted him up, only to see him tip the other way. When the bottom was reached and he was picked up, his face was skinned up considerably, but from the fact that he was out the next day it is evident that he was not very badly hurt. No blame is placed upon the construction of the slide or its management, but the accident came about in a way whereby no one is blamed.” The image above shows Hallam Lake, with the toboggan slide on the left and the Dance Pavilion is in the center, circa 1890.

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