Aspen History: Herbert Bayer moves to town

Aspen Historical Society
One 4" x 5" b/w photograph of Herbert Bayer standing in front of the old Methodist Parsonage at 208 E. Hopkins. A caption below the image reads "Herbert Bayer, who 'styled' Aspen for Paepcke, stands before an example of 'bastard miners' architecture- pale yellow house with white trim."

“Bayers move to Aspen, buy Gov. Waite home,” announced The Aspen Times on April 18, 1946. “Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bayer arrived in Aspen last week from New York to make their home here. They have purchased the old Governor Waite Home at the corner of Second and Francis Streets and expect to restore and remodel enough to make it a very livable home during their stay here. Mr. Bayer is an artist and designer, internationally known, and he will be busy with his varied talents on several interesting projects. Mr. Bayer will specify the color schemes of the Hotel Jerome and other buildings and guest houses of the Aspen Corporation (…and) has kindly consented to make his judgment available to Aspen citizens who are considering redecorating their homes. He is preparing color samples that may be used when buying paints to assure householders colors and tints that will harmonize effectively. Mr. and Mrs. Bayer are welcome additions to the citizenry of Aspen. The citizens of Aspen extend them a hearty western greeting.” This image shows Herbert Bayer standing in front of the old Methodist Parsonage at 208 E. Hopkins Ave., circa 1950.

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