Aspen History: Grand Masters at the Aspen Club, 1978 |

Aspen History: Grand Masters at the Aspen Club, 1978

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One b/w image of a tennis tournament at the Aspen Club in the Aspen Times, August 10, 1978 - pg. 7A.

“Nostalgia, top tennis displayed during Grand Masters Tournament,” announced The Aspen Times on Aug. 10, 1978. “There was more than nostalgia at the Aspen Club this past weekend when eight aging tennis superstars of a bygone era competed in an Almaden Grand Masters tournament; there was also exceptional tennis. Although the Grand Masters, all over 45, may not be as fast as they once were, they make up for their lack of speed in extra finesse, placing the balls along the lines or at odd angles as most younger players can only dream of doing. Seeded number one for the event, Australia’s Frank Sedgman lived up to his tremendous reputation by winning his three singles matches, and the tournament, with relative ease. But then his controlled play and powerful yet precise volleying makes the hardest shots appear easy. And when he teamed with Rex Hartwig, another former Australian and Wimbledon doubles champion, their dominance of the doubles was unquestionable. Both played and won at Wimbledon in the early 1950s, but not together, and last weekend they played as if they were ready to play there again. In his day Hartwig was considered one of the best doubles players in the world and won most of the top titles more than once with one or another partner. We doubt if he ever had a better partner than Sedgman.” This image shows a crowd at the Aspen Club watching the tennis tournament in 1978.