Aspen History: Cutting Aspen Mountain’s Roch Run |

Aspen History: Cutting Aspen Mountain’s Roch Run

Aspen Historical Society
One b/w photograph of Blaine Bray standing in front of a house in Aspen, circa 1920s.

“Ski boosters will clear timber on course Sunday,” announced the Aspen Times on May 12, 1938. “Members of the Aspen Ski Club and local ski boosters will spend several hours Sunday morning working on the improvements planned on Roch Run and the 1,400-foot ski tow which will be completed sometime this summer. The proposed improvements include a few minor changes on Roch Run, the building of large, easy practice courses and the extension of the ski tow several hundred feet further down Aspen Mountain. When completed the ski facilities of Aspen will be second to none in the entire nation. The work will be under the supervision of Blaine Bray, who has informed us that he has become proficient enough in the arts of handling axes to merit the title ‘Professor’ Bray, Aspen’s champ ‘chopper-downer.’ Anyone wishing to avail themselves of the expert instruction of Prof. ‘Chopper-Downer’ Bray should report for duty at the ski tow house Sunday morning- and they’ll ‘get the works.’ Bring your own tools.”