Aspen History: Before it was legal

Aspen Historical Society

“No wonder Pitkin County Sheriff Carrol Whitmire and his deputy Bob Husted look happy,” stated the Aspen Times on March 20, 1969. “Acting on a tip from an out-of-town informant they found 20 one-kilo packages of marijuana in a single engine airplane at the Pitkin County Airport early this morning. The rented plane, which landed at about 6:50 AM, was piloted by Geoffrey B.J. Smith, Honolulu, a frequent Aspen visitor. Smith and the 20 packages were apprehended at about 7:25. Charges are being prepared for possession and perhaps for smuggling, Whitmire told the Aspen Times. A passenger with Smith is being held for investigation, but the name was withheld pending further investigation. Smith is believed to have flown the single-engine plane from a city in Mexico where he is alleged to have acquired the marijuana.”