Aspen History: ‘An enlarged music school’ |

Aspen History: ‘An enlarged music school’

Aspen Historical Society
One 4" x 5.5" b/w photograph of the Aspen Music Festival Music Tent with Highlands, Highlands Bowl, and Castle Creek in the background, circa 1955.

“Larger Music School planned for this year,” stated the Aspen Times on April 26, 1951. “An enlarged music school is planned for the Aspen Institute this summer adding college credit to the music course of study through the University of Denver Lamont School of Music, according to Genevieve Lyngby, Registrar of the Music School, who arrived this week. Applications have been received from all parts of the country including Canada, and Miss Lyngby said it is expected that the school will be filled to capacity this summer. Scholarship grants have been received from friends of Aspen and from former students interested in the scholarship program providing financial aid for students unable to study without a scholarship grant. The Aspen Institute is continuing the scholarship drive, asking volunteers to contribute various amounts towards the program. Mrs. Lyngby has been working in Chicago this winter with the Aspen Institute, and will remain in Aspen until the end of the summer season.” This image shows the Aspen Music Festival Music Tent in the 1950s.