Aspen History: An 1890s Thanksgiving |

Aspen History: An 1890s Thanksgiving

Aspen Historical Society
One b/w mounted photograph of Aspen and Aspen Mountain. Several trains are visible in the foreground.

“Thanksgiving Day a regular holiday in Aspen,” noted the Aspen Tribune on Nov. 27, 1897. “Almost everyone in Aspen observed Thanksgiving Day. A number of outside people, friends of Aspen residents, spent the day in the city, partaking of Thanksgiving dinner with those whom they were visiting. The weather, while not all that could be desired, was not so unpleasant as to keep people indoor all day and a number of strangers were noticed looking over the city. Most of the business places closed at 12 o’clock, allowing the employees an opportunity to enjoy the remainder of the day in a manner suitable to themselves. The national Thanksgiving bird was very much in evidence on the ‘groaning tables’ of Aspenites, the discussion of which was of course, the feature of the day. In the evening a grand ball was given at the Armory by J.D. Hooper Hook and Ladder company, it being their thirteenth annual event. The affair was conducted in the usual happy manner, characteristic of the fire laddies, the several committees leaving nothing undone that would contribute to the comfort and enjoyment of their guests. The happy young people who attended were unanimous in voting the fireman’s ball a fitting finale for Thanksgiving, 1897.” This image shows Aspen and Aspen Mountain, circa 1895.