Aspen History: A summer of history

Aspen Historical Society

Aspen Historical Society has released its schedule of programs and events for the summer. Visit for more information, reservations and current public health requirements.

Program & Event Calendar

June 14 – Daily tours begin and Holden/Marolt Mining & Ranching Museum opens

June 17 – Ashcroft Ghost Town opens

June 18 – Independence Ghost Town Opens

June 18 – History Hike: Aspen Mountain

July 6 – Playing with the Past: Butter Making

July 9 – History Hike: Midland Trail

July 13 – Playing with the Past: Candle Making

July 20 – Playing with the Past: Diggin’ History

July 27 – Playing with the Past: Beading & Native Story Telling

July 25 – Water in the Age of Silver: Touring the Holden Works with Roaring Fork Conservancy

Aug. 6 – Annual Ice Cream Social (Wheeler/Stallard Museum)

Aug. 13 – History Hike: Hunter Creek

Aug, 30 – Twilight in the Cemetery: Stories from Aspen’s Ancestors (Red Butte Cemetery)

Sept. 6 – Fall hours begin at Ashcroft Ghost Town, Wheeler/Stallard Museum and Holden/Marolt Mining & Ranching Museum

Sept. 6 – Begin self-guided admission at Independence Ghost Town until Independence Pass closes

Sept. 20 – History in Your Backyard: Hunter Creek

Oct. 1 – Daily tours end; begin self-guided admission at Ashcroft Ghost Town; Holden/Marolt Mining & Ranching Museum closes for the season

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