Libations: Aspen Fresh |

Libations: Aspen Fresh

It had been one of those weeks — you know, stuck here in Aspen for the offseason, but still too busy to be enjoying lazy days in anticpation of the high season ahead. So when a gap opened up in my evening calendar, my husband and I sought out an offseason special hoping for a mini-escape from the day-to-day. Rustique Bistro delivered with a three-course prix featuring fried chicken (and who doesn’t love fried chicken?) and a signature drink menu I often overlook for a simple glass of wine. And I’m glad I did: The Aspen Fresh was an ideal cocktail for fall sipping. Not too sweet, even with pomegrante two ways, it was a cold drink that warmed me up. And the color just screamed autumn. Plus, everyone needs a little Aspen Fresh in their life — especially in the heart of offseason.

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