Alpine Aesthetic: Checking into the Hotel Jerome now comes with a Lindsey Thornburg cloak |

Alpine Aesthetic: Checking into the Hotel Jerome now comes with a Lindsey Thornburg cloak

Available exclusively in the Residential Suites, two Pendleton-patterned parkas await to wear during your stay.

Katie Shapiro
Alpine Aesthetic
A Lindsey Thornburg model in the Pagosa Springs cloak as seen on Beth Dutton in the television series “Yellowstone.”
Courtesy Lindsey Thornburg

Guests checking into Aspen’s many five-star hotels have come to expect only the best of in-room and on-property extras — whether it’s mini-bars stocked with locally-sourced gourmet snacks, luxury bath and skincare products or Audi e-tron test drives. But the Hotel Jerome is going far beyond fluffy bathrobes with the chicest amenity ever: a Lindsey Thornburg cloak.

I first discovered her eponymous label when seeing its fall 2015 ready-to-wear slideshow on Vogue’s website — around the same time celebrities like Blake Lively and Kate Hudson were spotted swaddled in these cozy Pendleton-patterned capes.

Last month, while wearing a Lindsey Thornburg cloak of my own, I walked into the Hotel Jerome Living Room to meet friends and did a double take after noticing rolling racks — and the designer herself — set-up off to the side. She was in town for the holidays and hosted an impromptu trunk show to celebrate the launch of her new partnership. It was one of those “only in Aspen” moments, where we cosmically crossed paths in person (I had originally connected with her in 2019 for an Aspen Magazine story about her entrée into Gorsuch).


Hotel Jerome



The Hotel Jerome tapped Thornburg for a first-of-its-kind program for guests to wear during their visit with the option to purchase post-stay (from $1,395). Each closet in the Residential Suites comes stocked with two Lindsey Thornburg cloaks from her exclusive Hotel Jerome collection, thoughtfully selected with the property and destination in mind.

“I’ve long admired Lindsey Thornburg and her elevated outerwear. The unique patterns, eye-catching colors and gorgeous silhouettes are pure magic, and we’re thrilled to have her as a partner,” shared Mandi Meng, Hotel Jerome Auberge Resorts Collection area director of marketing and communications. “The idea was to help Hotel Jerome guests alleviate cold weather packing woes when they travel to Aspen, as they now will have a beautiful cloak waiting for them in their room.”

Available exclusively to guests of the Hotel Jerome’s Residential Suites, each closet comes with two Lindsey Thornburg cloaks with the option to purchase post-stay.
Courtesy Auberge Resorts Collection

Thornburg, who was born in Great Falls, Montana, and lived in Aspen during her middle and high school years, is based in Manhattan and handmakes each piece in her Chinatown atelier. Initially inspired by her personal Pendleton collection Thornburg amassed over two decades, she became the family-owned company’s first-ever collaborator in its 150-plus year history permitted to cut into their iconic wool fabric; each tailored cloak is constructed from an individual blanket.

“My brand and the work we do with Pendleton is a perfect offering for fashion-forward heritage,” Thornburg noted. “(My roots in) Aspen adds dimension and authenticity to (the Hotel Jerome) partnership. The collaboration has been going beautifully (so far) — it’s always a wonderful experience to create energy around projects that feel natural and exciting. Working with the Jerome has been on my list for years, so it’s rewarding to see it unfold organically.”


Lindsey Thornburg



Additionally influenced both by counterculture, growing up a snowboarder in the 1990s, and by a deep understanding of the Western aesthetic — her list of stockists is highly curated and intentional. Beyond Gorsuch and the Hotel Jerome in Aspen and an online boutique, Lindsey Thornburg can be found at The Ranch at Rock Creek, The Resort at Paws Up, Yellowstone Club and more.

Thornburg is also passionate about preserving the historical context of her business and honors the process by working with Native American foundations to allocate a percentage of every sale to water protectors, including the grassroots nonprofit organization Seeding Sovereignty.

And for fans of the Paramount Network television series “Yellowstone,” you’ve seen her cloaks on-screen, too. Actress Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton, had a cloak hanging in her closet at home, which Thornburg describes as “heirloom pieces that will last many lifetimes and be passed down through generations.”

Lindsey Thornburg’s White Sands shearling cloak is one of nine pieces designed exclusively for the Hotel Jerome collection.
Courtesy Lindsey Thornburg

“Johnetta Boone the costume designer and Ms. Reilly (work together to) create the outfits for Beth and there’s a true depth to their process,” added Thornburg. “Our cloaks making it into the story supports a subtle narrative — me being from Montana — it felt apropos to have my designs take me back home. The feature on ‘Yellowstone’ has been a highlight of my career and has given my brand the momentum to persevere through a global and pandemic. I’m humbled to be a part of it.”

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