Libations: A standoff of Aspen staples |

Libations: A standoff of Aspen staples

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Hao House standoffs

• Oaxacan - Vida mezcal, sangrita, Tecate. $8 • Jalisco - Suerte blanco, sangrita, Tecate, $8 • Japanese - Toki whisky, Sapporo, $12 • Chinese - Baijiu, Tsingtao, $12

Jimmy's standoffs

• Oaxcan - Santo Domingo Albarradas mezcal, Pacifico, $10 • Japanese - Toki whisky, Tozai living jewel sake, $10 • Aspen - Woody Creek rye, Aspen Brewing Co. blonde, $10 • Colorado - Stranahan’s whiskey, Freestone pale ale, $10 • Irish - Tullamore d.e.w., Guinness, $10 • Carthusian - green Chartreuse, yellow Chartreuse, $10 • True Believer - Amontillado sherry, Espadin especial mezcal, $10


It’s a common question asked by many Aspenites at the end of a long day at work or on a Friday afternoon, when eyes and minds are set on the weekend.

But despite how it sounds, these locals aren’t looking for a fight, they are referring to a drink combination found at Hao House and Jimmy’s in Aspen.

A one up on the classic shot and a beer combo, the Oaxacan Standoff is a shot of Vida mezcal, a shot glass of sangrita and a cold Tecate.

While much adored by Aspen locals, this drink combination did not originate in Aspen, or even Colorado for that matter.

The Oaxacan Standoff was inspired by Prizefighter, a laid-back bar in Emeryville, California. The Prizefighter Standoff also includes a copita (a traditional small clay cup that you drink mezcal from), a choice of house-made sangrita and a Tecate.

There is only one standoff on the Prizefighter’s menu, but there are four variations on the Hao House menu and a whopping seven on Jimmy’s drink menu.

A slight twist on the Oaxacan, the Jalisco Standoff is a good bet for those who aren’t fans of the smoky flavor of mezcal, as that shot is replaced with Suerte Blanco served alongside the Tecate and sangrita — a blend of mint, cilantro, jalapeño, pineapple juice and lime juice.

Also on the standoff menu are the Japanese and Chinese variations, which fit well with Hao House’s menu of Far East Asian food.

And the best part about these drinks, no matter which one you chose, is they are a heck of a deal, with the Oaxacan and Jalisco standoffs at Hao House only setting you back $8 all day long.

“They are an all-day special,” Hao House bartender Kyle McCann said. “They recommend themselves.”

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