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Gear Guide: A greener Igloo cooler

Stephen Regenold
Gear Junkie

The Playmate cooler from Igloo debuted in 1971. Its pivoting lid and grab-ready handle have kept it popular through generations as a time-tested design. Millions are in circulation today, and from campers to picnickers, the foam-insulated plastic case has earned trust to keep drinks and food cold.

Next year, the Playmate line gets an eco-upgrade. As a company, Igloo is working to minimize its dependence on petroleum-based materials. The new Playmate functions and feels like a regular cooler. But the brand made the model, which will come to market in 2021, out of a sustainable “bio-plastic” originating from an unusual source.

Igloo calls it the world’s first bioplastic cooler, stating “innovation with bioplastics may signal less dependence on petroleum-based resins for the entire cooler industry.”

Beyond the partnerships and new products, Igloo’s made-in-the-USA standard has significant eco-advantage. Unlike cooler companies who manufacture overseas and ship via ocean freight to America, Igloo has “a low environmental impact of transportation to retailers and end consumers.”

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