From the Vault: A foodie affair

“Wine and Food Society recognizes the chefs,” stated The Aspen Times on Nov. 23, 1978. “At a gourmet luncheon at Maurice’s on Nov. 17 the Aspen Chapter of the International Wine and Food Society presented plaques for outstanding achievement to chefs and wine authorities who had prepared events for the group during its first two years of existence. Bob Alderman, a wine broker who is president of the Aspen Society, made the presentations to Maurice’s at the Alps for the Inaugural Dinner held April 8, 1977; to Gary Plumley of Grape and Grain for a wine tasting party held June 4, 1977; to the Red Onion for a dinner on Sept 9, 1977; and to Loving’s Restaurant for the First Champagne Ball on Dec 18, 1977. Others went to the Arya for a dinner on Jan 31, 1978; to Dick Worthington of the Grog Shop for a wine tasting party on July 20, 1978; to Brigitte Ulrych for a German dinner on Aug 22, 1978; and to the Pine Creek Cookhouse for a luncheon on Sept. 30, 1978. The photograph above shows Bob Alderman, left, presenting plaques from the International Food and Wine Society to Dick Worthington, Gary Plumley, Greg Mace, Nassar Sadeghi, Brigitte Ulrych, Graham Loving, Dieter Grieser and Maurice Thuillier in 1978.

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