Gear Guide: A ‘Color-Shifting’ Jacket |

Gear Guide: A ‘Color-Shifting’ Jacket

Stephen Regenold
The Gear Junkie

Vollebak just made a jacket that no two people will ever see exactly the same way. The Black Squid Jacket mimics the iridescence and bioluminescence of its eponymous cephalopod.

It has more than 2 billion tiny glass spheres that scatter and reflect light. In dull light, the jacket appears black and oily.

But hit it with bright light, and the Black Squid Jacket explodes into a rainbow of shiny of hues.

“Because of the way the disruptively structured microscopic glass spheres on the surface of the jacket scatter light, two people can be looking at the jacket from two different angles and will see entirely different patterns and colors,” the brand claims.

No doubt, this jacket looks really cool. And with a price tag just shy of $1,000, it’d better be. Beyond the “squid” outer, the jacket is a standard shell jacket. Fully water- and windproof, the three-layer ski and snowboard shell has oversize pockets and a generous cut. Add in the helmet-compatible hood, high collar, and pit zips, and it checks all the boxes for winter pursuits.

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