From The Vault: A ball for all |

From The Vault: A ball for all

“Grand ball given by the J.D. Hooper Hook and Ladder Company,” announced the Aspen Daily Times on Nov. 25, 1887. “The ball given by the J.D. Hooper Hook and Ladder company last evening was the most largely attended and most successful ever given in Aspen. The boys had been busy for weeks preparing for the event, and the result of their work was plainly apparent when the doors had been thrown open and the crowd had assembled. The hall was profusely decorated. The most conspicuous feature of the adornment was a large triangular piece of skeleton work suspended in the middle of the room displaying the words ‘Third Grand Annual Ball Given by J.D. Hooper Hook and Ladder Company.’ Suspended from the bottom of this was a cage with a sweet-voiced canary in it. Other bird cages were scattered about the hall. … The great hall was uncomfortably packed until long past the supper hour and it was along toward morning before there was any manifest thinning out.” The image (at right) is a program from the ball, Thanksgiving 1887.

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at

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